Acrylic Painting with Ginger Cook

We are moving in the goal of one site for all!

Ginger Cook, Professional Artist & Educator

The “Queen of Color” is willing and wanting to teach you to paint with acrylics. With over 50 years of experience of being a professional artist, she is the one that can guide you on your artistic journey. Let Ginger be your Personal Art Coach.

Quintessential Color Mixing Journal Videos

The Quintessential Color Mixing Journal is a must-have “tool” for any serious artist. This collection of videos will guide you through the process of creating your own journal. Leading you from the beginning to a “living” journal.

Jon Little, Photographer, Videographer, & more

Also known as “The Tech Bear”, Jon brings his technical skills to the partnership. He works with all aspects of running the Academy except the painting parts! He will handle all of the technical issues with help from his Stuffy Staff.

This is the beginning of the next chapter of our story.

This website is still under construction, but we have a lot going on under the covers.

Color Mixing Journal Questions?

Frequently Ask Questions

Do you have some questions about the “Journal”? Well, we have started a FAQ section to help answer those burning questions. Please check there occasionally because we will be adding to them as new questions come in.

We have too many websites, yes, I see your heading nodding up and down. We are in the process of combining all of the “learning” websites into one website, which is currently called “”, but once we get to a point we will be changing the domain name.
Now that you know the goal, let me tell you where we are in the process.
1. We are copying the lessons that are on the website to the “STORE” website. Once we have complete this process, we will move the members over to this website under the new domain name. 
2. Next, we will finish moving all of the lessons that are on the website to the “STORE” website.
3. Then finally, we will copy the remaining tutorials that are on website to the “STORE” website.
4. And then the new site will be officially launched with all members under one “roof”.
Stay connected and ask us questions if you have them. The new domain name will be announced very soon.